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WebRTC Demos

"If I could give you one thing, I would wish for you the ability to see yourself as others see you." - B.A. Billingsly

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IDC reports that 81% of Q3 2014 smartphone shipments were Android devices, 100% of which can use WebRTC for secure real-time browser-to-browser video, voice and multimedia communications today - as in right now - without the need to purchase, download or install any software, plugin or "app". The same is true for more than 1.4 billion MS Windows desktop, laptop, notebook, touchscreen and tablet PCs that can run the latest version of the FREE open source Firefox browser.

This is a W3C-valid and fully responsive live demo of the HTML5 WebRTC Media Capture API (getUserMedia) that also showcases the capabilities of the HTML5 video and canvas elements. You can use the links in the W3C Standards Compliance & QA Validation section listed in the far right of our footer area below to verify and validate the source of this page. If you have a Windows PC or Android device with a WebRTC-capable browser installed and a camera built-in or webcam attached, you should be able to see yourself in the live video feed above. You should also be able to toggle between two views - how others see you, and a mirror view. If that's not what you see then most likely you don't have a WebRTC-capable browser, you don't have a camera installed, or you didn't give your browser permission to access the camera when you opened this page. And yes, we could have captured audio from your microphone as well, but we didn't want you talking to yourself... ;-)

Talk to WebRTC School Qualified Developer (WSQD) WebFL US instead. For W3C valid responsive web design with secure webRTC in mind™ give him a call at 877-919-5351.

WebRTC getUserMedia Demo on Firefox Android Mobile Browser

Links to More WebRTC Demos

Note: None of the demos listed in this section were developed or are supported by WebFL.US.

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