Web Development South Florida: JavaScript Coders & Node.js Programmers

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Web Development South Florida:
JavaScript Coders & Node.js Programmers

Contact WebFL.US for Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design Miami FL

South Florida web development firm WebFL.US designs and develops expert-rated client-side jQuery/JavaScript coding and server-side Node.js programming.

Originally developed by Brendan Eich as "Mocha" then released under the name "LiveScript" by Netscape Corporation in 1995, "JavaScript" a.k.a. "JS" is currently a trademark of Oracle Corporation. Used predominantly as a client-side interpreted programming language for web pages within browsers, it can also be used in server-side environments like Node.js to develop mobile apps and other data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

Not to be confused with Java, the industry standard for JavaScript development is ECMAScript. It is a lightweight object-oriented programming (OOP) language and the preferred scripting solution for front-end development and web page "behavior" such as animation, calculation, interaction or form validation. It is also the primary enabling technology for Flash-free dynamic web page presentations, real-time user interaction, jQuery/AJAX data retrievals and updates, and the lightweight data interchange format known as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

Expert rated JavaScript programmers

As expert-rated JavaScript coders, we have been programming web browser apps and web page behavior in JS since 1997 and validating our adherence to best practices for unobtrusive JavaScript since 2009. Unobtrusive JavaScript refers to a set of conventions for incorporating JavaScript into web page source in such a way that coding for behavior is separated from that of presentation formatting (CSS) and basic content (HTML). Implemented in this manner, JavaScript contributes to a richer user experience without adding the clutter or complexity to HTML markup that can cause it to be incomprehensible by machine-based agents such as search engine spiders.


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