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#sRWD | Secure Responsive Web Design Miami Florida | Stock Throughput Insurance

StockThroughputInsurance.com leverages “#sRWD” to give independent insurance agents access to seamless coverage for business supply chains from any desktop or mobile device with HTTPS security protecting their information.

Agents Access, Inc. today announced the launch of StockThroughputInsurance.com, a secure responsive website designed and developed by WebFL.US which gives independent insurance agents across the United States the ability to request quotes and submit applications for stock throughput insurance policies from any desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone web browser. According to Agents Access President and CEO Arthur Falconi:

“Stock throughput insurance policies meld marine and inventory exposure – meaning transit and storage risks – to provide coverage at and between all locations. ‘STP’ insurance protects the entire supply chain with high limits and low deductibles by combining coverage to reduce the gaps between traditional marine cargo coverage and stock inventory property insurance. Our new website provides independent insurance agents from coast to coast with access to and resources for selling this invaluable business insurance line to domestic and global manufacturers, distributors, retailers, importers, exporters, commodity traders and logistics firms.”

StockThroughputInsurance.com is a definitive example of W3C standards-compliant secure responsive web design. Responsive web design or #RWD eliminates the need to maintain redundant “full” and “mobile” websites or apps by employing CSS media queries, fluid layouts and flexible grids to adapt the presentation of web content to the screen size and capabilities of the requesting browser and device in real time. To this, Miami web developer Bruce Arnold of WebFL.US added HTTPS (SSL/TLS) transport layer security to create the secure responsive framework he identifies with Twitter hashtag #sRWD. For the independent insurance agencies logging onto StockThroughputInsurance.com, this robust web development framework insures the confidentiality of their information transactions while they are insuring the inventories of their business clients both in transit and in storage.

Every secured form and web page at StockThroughputInsurance.com is rendered from PHP/MySQL server-side with jQuery/JavaScript animation and functionality client-side. They all pass World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) HTML5 and CSS3 standards compliance validation as part of a suite of quality assurance tests WebFL.US applies to optimize cross-platform user experience, desktop and mobile device responsiveness, metadata semantics, and page speed or download times. Their Bootstrap-based full-width slider employs custom server-side enhancements to flex from the smallest smartphone screen to the largest desktop monitor with minimal image distortion, and even the 1-part contact form and 8-part insurance application respond in real time to changes in either browser width or mobile device orientation to assure their utility across screen resolutions ranging from 320×480 pixels on up. According to Arthur Falconi:

“Agents Access asked WebFL.US to create a website that would quickly and clearly convey our stock throughput insurance value proposition and make its STP insurance resources securely yet easily accessible by agents from both computers in their offices and tablets or smartphones in the field. StockThroughputInsurance.com does just that.”

About Agents Access

Agents Access, Inc. is a leading national insurance intermediary facilitating access for independent insurance agents to premier global insurance providers. Founded in Miami FL in 1991 to provide agents with access to Chubb Insurance, Personal and Commercial Lines and, through our partnership with Lloyds of London, providing agents with access to programs like [Stock Throughput Insurance], Marine Cargo, CAT coverage, Property, Fine Arts, Cyber Liability and other major lines of insurance coverage.

About WebFL.US

WebDesignMiamiFlorida.com aka WebFL.US is HQ for Miami web developer Bruce Arnold, a WebRTC WSQD and the expert-rated South Florida web designer to choose for native or hybrid Mobile Web apps and mobile-friendly W3C-valid HTML5/CSS3 secure responsive web design (#sRWD) with PHP/MySQL web development and jQuery/JavaScript web programming that passes 14 quality assurance tests and offers TLS security, Schema.org Rich Snippets semantically-optimized metadata and maxPSO.com page speed optimization.