On The Spot Crane Service Gets A Lift From Mobile-Friendly Web 3.0 Design By Miami Web Developer

This savvy South Florida boom truck rentals and crane service operator taps Semantic Web development for a high rise in online marketing visibility and accessibility.

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On The Spot Crane & Rigging Services knows the road from recession to recovery can require refocusing your mission, redeploying your resources and reintroducing yourself to the marketplace, and the recent launch of their new website OnTheSpotCraneServices.com shows they are well on their way.

Founded in 1991 as On The Spot Services LLC, their original focus was demolition and scrapping in general and the dismantling and removal of metal and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment in particular. They are still licensed scrap dealers and licensed to recover freon, and they continue to provide scrapping services to municipal, commercial and residential clientele in Greater Miami and South Florida. But owner Buddy Westberry sees boom truck rental and crane services as a key component in the continued growth and success of the business:

“Increased competition brought on by rising steel and copper prices inspired us to refocus our fleet of Manitex and Terex boom trucks and NCCCO certified crane operators from recovering scrap metals to being the go-to guys for heavy lifting jobs like hoisting high-rise ac [air conditioning] units, chillers, generators, sheds, trees, boats and yachts.” Westberry stated, “And we are confident that the new mobile-friendly website front-end developer Bruce Arnold designed for us will get our new marketing message in front of many new customers, regardless of what they use to access the Internet.”

On the Web, getting your message in front of as many prospects as possible requires high visibility coupled with broad accessibility, and that’s exactly what OnTheSpotCraneServices.com was developed to deliver. Designed by Bruce Arnold, every semantically rich and search friendly web page consists of custom handcoded PHP-scripted HTML5 and CSS3 that is validated W3C standards compliant and passes all seven tests of Semantic Web (Web 3.0) Readiness as to content (HTML), format (CSS), behavior (Unobtrusive Javascript), accessibility (WAI/WCAG/Section 508), semantics (XSLT), syndication (RSS) and links. This assures not only maximum visibility in search engines – like Góógle, Bíng and Yáhoo – but almost universal accessibility across the entire spectrum of major PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet and smartphone browsers – including FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Opera Mobile.

For Web-enabled but not-so-smart cellphones – or roughly 75% of the Mobile Web market – the website sports a W3C mobileOK “minipage” accessible directly via M.OnTheSpotCraneServices.com using microbrowsers like OpenWave. Custom-developed jQuery routines support Flash-free page load and image hover animations, an integrated DDR (device description repository) is used to identify and adjust content presentation for mobile and other requesting user agents, and embedded resources facilitate social media “buzz” creation.

“When South Florida contractors need something lifted, loaded, moved or mended, they call on us because we’ve got the resources and expertise to make it happen.” Buddy Westberry asserted, “And when it came time for us to make things happen in the online marketing arena, we called on Bruce Arnold’s web developers for the same reason.”

About On The Spot Crane & Rigging Services

On The Spot Crane & Rigging Services ( OnTheSpotCraneServices.com ) rents boom trucks and hydraulic cranes with NCCCO certified, licensed and insured operators in Greater Miami and South Florida. They are also scrap metal and HVAC dealers licensed to recover freon, and rent materials handling and specialty transportation equipment such as Bobcats, forklifts, roll-off trucks, flatbed trucks and tractor/trailer rigs, and provide expert torch work and welding services.