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Joachim de Posada, CSP (Motivational Speaker | Keynote/Hispanic/Latino/Bilingual | Inspirational Author): An inspirational professional keynote speaker, bilingual in English and Spanish, and author of many best-selling books like Don’t Eat the Marshmallow … Yet.


Designed with Web 3.0 results in mind by Miami web developer Bruce Arnold, Joachim de Posada’s vibrant, enlightening and mobile-friendly website passes all seven tests of readiness for semantic front-end web development Miami and Web 3.0 design, including WCAG/Section 508 standards compliant and W3C-validated HTML5, CSS3 and Unobtrusive Javascript. Its PHP/MySQL rendered design consequently enjoys high visibility and accessibility across a broad range of PC, Mac, iPad and other tablet computer browsers. A companion W3C mobileOK mobile website enables access via iPhones, Android phones or any other mobile phones with microbrowsers.