June 24, 2017 WebFL.US Web Design Kudos & Testimonials

Our tag line is Web Design with Results in Mind™ and the client kudos below convey our value proposition. Here you will find real testimonials from real clients, identified by their real names and for which we can provide real telephone numbers and email addresses. Some of these clients sell products, while others provide services. For some their market is global, for others regional or local. All of these websites are mobile-friendly Web 3.0 with flash-free animation and social media integration. Many also have embedded videos. And most importantly, they were all delivered with W3C validated tableless HTML5/CSS3 source in order to guarantee the high visibility and broad accessibility that we deliver today with speedy secure responsive web design:


Bondtech Medical Waste Autoclaves Launches Speedy Secure Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer

"Much of [our] success we attribute to our ability to be extremely flexible in how we design, engineer, fabricate, install and maintain autoclave sterilization solutions for a broad and diverse customer base while at the same time maintaining strict adherence to all applicable best practices, industry standards and regulatory requirements. In short, Bondtech offers quality in development and flexibility in delivery, and I believe our new website MedicalWasteAutoclaves.com mirrors that commitment."

Angel Aguiar PE, Vice President
Bondtech Corporation


Medical Weight Loss Miami South Florida | Speedy Secure Responsive Web Design

"I consider ssRwd from WebFL.US to be as uniquely potent as our medical weight loss solutions. Patients appreciate the encryption security that protects their information from prying eyes; search engines appreciate that our pages are both semantically- and speed-optimized; and I appreciate that we don’t have to maintain a website plus [redundant mobile apps]. No matter what devices my patients use to surf the Web, our pages will flex to their format, our forms will be functional and our content fully accessible."

Robert Besen MD
Dr. B Clinic


SunState South Florida HOA Property Management Firm Launches Speedy Secure Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer

"The speedy secure responsive web design for SunStateCAM.com developed by Bruce Arnold [of WebFL.US] enables us to offer online access to homeowners, board members, property managers and authorized third parties across the Internet and regardless of their location or whether they’re using desktop computers, tablets or smartphones."

Jeffrey York, President
SunState Management LLC


#sRWD | Filters, Filter Housings, Filter Elements | Secure Responsive Web Design

"The secure responsive web design WebFL.US developed for us optimizes [user] experience regardless of whether they’re clicking through from their desktops, typing in from a tablet or tapping in from their smartphone. And thanks to page speed optimization and our cloud server’s solid state drives, they can find the filters they need in a flash."

Jim Gerum, President
Frontier Group of the Americas LLC


Motivational Speaker Joachim de Posada Taps Web 3.0 Design with W3C-Compliant HTML5 Video from Miami Web Design Firm

"I chose Bruce Arnold because he is a reliable, honest, responsible professional up to date in every aspect of technology as it relates to websites, blogs or mobile applications. I have done business with him for over 15 years and it has been a very satisfactory experience. I strongly advise my colleagues in the speaking business – or any business, for that matter – to have a mobile friendly, fully responsible web site or blog because if they don’t, they won’t be in business very long. The competition will eat them alive and won’t even spit them out. This has to be seen as an investment in your business not as an expense."

Joachim de Posada, CSPGlobal
Famous Speaker & Author


#sRWD | Secure Responsive Web Design | Stock Throughput Insurance

"Agents Access asked WebFL.US to create a website that would quickly and clearly convey our stock throughput insurance value proposition and make its STP insurance resources securely yet easily accessible by agents from both computers in their offices and tablets or smartphones in the field. StockThroughputInsurance.com does just that!"

Arthur Falconi, President
Agents Access Insurance


UMI Florida Medical Waste Experts Grow Statewide with Secure Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer

"WebFL.US has provided us with a website that makes our online resources securely yet easily accessible by our customers regardless of whether they’re typing at their desks or tapping on their smartphones. The flexibility and responsiveness of UmiBiomedical.com projects the flexibility of UMI’s services and the responsiveness of our staff!"

Jose Yero, President & CEO
United Medical Industries


San Antonio Maid Service Goes Mobile with WebRTC-Enhanced Responsive Web Design by Miami Web Developer

"Going the mobile-friendly responsive web design route with WebFL.US has saved me a lot of money. I don’t have to pay for a website *plus* an iPhone app *plus* an Android app *plus* a Blackberry app *plus* a Windows phone app and so on and so on. No matter what people use to surf the Web, my marketing messages will be delivered and my eCommerce transactions will be completed."

Gabriela Shirley, Owner
Custom Cleaning By Gaby


Responsive Web Design By Miami Web Design Firm Adds Broad Accessibility To High Visibility For Hospital Laundry Supplier

"The Web is going mobile and we are responding to that. The new web pages Bruce Arnold designed and developed for us are, in fact, about as ‘responsive’ as you can get. From flip phones to smartphones to tablets to full-sized desktop monitors, the screen presentation adjusts in real time to optimize the viewer’s experience."

Ross Sanders
Streamline Solutions LLC


Responsive Web Design Requires Mobile Friendly Web 3.0 Development

"Bruce Arnold was great… I gave him very little to work with and he was still able to produce something that exceeded my expectations at a budget within my means. He was able to walk me through the process in a language I could understand. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to create a [mobile-friendly responsive web design]."

Jennifer Cynamon, Vice President
Peterson Industries


Jewelry Insurance Quotes Offered Via Mobile-Friendly Website Developed By Miami Web Design Firm

"[This] is the first website to focus exclusively on bringing the Chubb Jewelry Insurance Solution to jewelry owners and independent insurance agents across the country… We have worked with Miami web developer Bruce Arnold on multiple projects and we believe that his help in adding clarity and definition has once again assured us of [success]!"

Arthur Falconi, President
Agents Access Insurance


GPE Engineering Contractors Paves iPad-Ready Road to Success with Web 3.0-Focused Miami Web Design Firm

"We are very excited about the new website and the exposure it will bring. It makes us proud to have chosen Bruce and his staff to lead us into the future of web design. Bruce made the complex and arduous task of web site building into a simple, thorough and effective process. His cutting edge techniques and performance driven mindset was a successful combination for our business."

Antonio Reyes, EVP
GPE Engineering


Cleantech Lobbyist Liebman & Associates Expands Online Reach With Mobile Friendly Web 3.0 Design By Miami Web Developer

"Bruce Arnold has been our web developer for several years and has helped our web presence to grow. With this latest update, all of our web page source is W3C validated HTML5 and CSS3 so our web content is almost universally accessible via mobile phones, tablets or standard browsers."

Murray Liebman, President
Liebman & Associates


KTI Systems Taps Mobile Friendly Web 3.0 Design By Miami Web Developer To Promote FilterBOSS Diesel Fuel Polishing

"Having a mobile friendly website takes our sales, installation and support potentials to a whole new level we might never have reached without the professional web development and online marketing expertise of Bruce Arnold. Pooling our respective knowledge of ‘engines’ and ‘standards’ has proven to be a winning combination!"

Carole Keenan, VP Marketing
KTI Systems


On The Spot Crane Service Gets A Lift From Mobile-Friendly Web 3.0 Design By Miami Web Developer

"When South Florida contractors need something lifted, loaded, moved or mended, they call on us because we’ve got the resources and expertise to make it happen. And when it came time for us to make things happen in the online marketing arena, we called on Bruce Arnold’s web developers for the same reason."

Buddy Westberry, Owner
On The Spot Crane & Rigging Services


Tessilmare Marine Rub-Rails & Boat Suntops Introduced to U.S. Boating Market via Web 3.0 Portal by Miami Web Design Firm

"I’ve been a believer in Bruce Arnold for over six years… He has always leveraged the latest web technologies to deliver the qualified traffic and visitor experience that lead to bottom-line results measurable not in just ‘fans’ or ‘friends’ but real customers and booked sales."

Jim Gerum, President
Frontier Sales & Marketing


UMI Medical Waste Management Capabilities Animated with Flash-Free iPad 2 Accessible Web 3.0 Design by Miami Web Designer

"From the outset Bruce Arnold was instrumental in helping us redesign our drab, outdated and unproductive website. He provided us with guidelines to simplify the web development process, and led us through it all step by step… We appreciate his high level of web marketing expertise, and we’re very pleased with the results!"

Jose Yero, President
United Medical Industries


Before and After: South Florida Mold Cleaners Call on Miami Web Designer for Web 3.0 Remediation

"[WebFL.US] did exceptional work for us in their recent Web 3.0 upgrade of our Florida Mold Cleaners website. We are already seeing increases in our search visibility, site traffic and, most importantly, the number of calls we get!"

Shlomo Shemesh
Florida Mold Cleaners


Responsiveness of Chubb Insurance Intermediary Agents Access Reflected in Web 3.0 Websites by Miami Web Design Firm

"We focus on providing our network of independent agents with fast response and reliable service. We’ve always been just a phone call away, day or night. And with our new Web 3.0 design by [WebFL.US], we’ll be extending our presence and responsiveness across the Semantic Web."

Gary Golnick, President
Agents Access of California


Instrument Filters and Industrial Filtration Solutions Marketed via Mobile-Friendly Web Design by Miami Web 3.0 Developer

"Our in-line disposable filters will eliminate over 99% of all solid and liquid particulate contaminants. And being mobile friendly as well as Web 3.0 Ready, [the Frontier Group’s] FiltrationAnalysisFilters.com website designed by Bruce Arnold will illuminate over 99% of all desktop and mobile web browsers."

Ian Bovington, Managing Director of Production
Classic Filters Ltd


Miami Web Designer Launches Web 3.0 Front-End Development Yin to Semantic Web Design Yang: Web3.0DesignMiami.com

"[We] make our marine supply distributors’ job easy by providing them not only top quality boating products at competitive prices but also well thought out promotional resources and, more importantly, actual informed and interested prospects. Uncompromising Italian engineering from Marco and Tessilmare is assuring the former, and results-driven website design by Bruce Arnold’s Miami web design team is enabling the latter."

Ron Geuterman, Manufacturers Rep
Mate USA Group


Sunshine Auto Insurance Launches Web 3.0 Car Insurance Quote Portal by Miami Web Designer

"[Our Sunshine Auto Insurance Miami website] saves consumers time and money by empowering them to shop for auto insurance coverage on their own schedule and from the convenience of their home or office. Finding affordable auto insurance has never been easier."

Ivor Bamberger, President
MDW Insurance Group


Miami Solar Energy Contractor Heliotropics Plugs into Semantic Web with Web 3.0 Design by South Florida Web Designer

"It’s all about making the phones ring… Of course Bruce Arnold understands web design, but he is also savvy about effective marketing and a solid presentation. He showed us there is much more to winning website design than bright colors and animated logos."

John Monforte, Owner
Heliotropics LLC


Contemporary Surrealist Artist Roz Keating Offers Mixed Media Art via Web 3.0 iPad Ready Gallery by Miami Web Design Firm

"My goal has always been to share my vision through my art with as many people as possible, and the website Bruce Arnold designed for me is the tool I needed to reach out to the world, get exposure and explore new opportunities."

Roz Keating
Contemporary Surrealist