Mobile Friendly Web 3.0 Design By Miami Web Developer To Promote KTI FilterBOSS Diesel Fuel Polishing Systems

Miami web development: An enterprising marine diesel fuel filtration systems developer proves that when EPA standards-compliant ULSD produces a problem, W3C standards-compliant web design can propagate the solution.

Diesel Fuel Polishing Systems

Beginning this month, large refiners and importers of marine diesel fuel subject to U.S. EPA regulations must meet their ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) fuel standard of 15 ppm sulfur. ULSD standards compliance means decreased emissions for the environment but increased onboard fuel filtration or “polishing” requirements for marine diesel engines. To handle them, KTI Systems now offers boaters a comprehensive range of FilterBOSS™ marine diesel fuel polishing solutions through their recently re-designed, mobile friendly and Web 3.0 ready website

“Our FilterBOSS Commander Series is a complete marine fuel maintenance solution, providing improved system reliabilty and better vessel safety.” stated Andy Keenan, President and chief product designer of KTI Systems. “These marine diesel fuel polishing systems come fully integrated with monitoring and troubleshooting tools, and even give a warning at the helm to prevent unwanted engine shutdowns. That’s what sets us apart from the competition.”

What sets apart from the websites of most other marine industry manufacturers is that it’s been thoroughly re-engineered and optimized by Miami web developer Bruce Arnold’s [WebFL.US] to leverage World Wide Web Consortiun (W3C) standards compliance for maximum visibility and accessibility. “Success on the Web is a function of traffic and conversion,” Arnold explained. “Visibility in search engines and social media gets you traffic; accessibility across a broad range of web browsers and mobile devices gets you conversions; and standards-based web design and development is crucial for both.”

Every web page at now consists of PHP-scripted HTML5 and CSS3 that is validated W3C standards compliant and passes up to five additional tests of Semantic Web (Web 3.0) Readiness as to behavior, accessibility, semantics, syndication and links. This strict web design discipline assures maximum visibility in search engines – like Góógle, Bíng and Yáhoo – plus almost universal accessibility across the entire spectrum of major PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet and smartphone browsers – including FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Opera Mobile. For Web-enabled but not-so-smart cellphones – roughly 75% of the Mobile Web market – the website sports a “W3C mobileOK” minipage directly accessible using microbrowsers like OpenWave. An integrated DDR (device description repository) is used to identify and adjust content presentation for mobile and other requesting user agents, and social media facilitation resources are embedded in the website template.

“As cellphone coverage approaches universal, having a ‘mobile friendly’ website will allow more boaters, boating dealers and marine suppliers to access our content from wherever they are using whatever device they have,” observed KTI Systems Marketing VP Carole Keenan. “That takes our sales, installation and support potentials to a whole new level we might never have reached without the professional web development and online marketing expertise of Bruce Arnold. Pooling our respective knowledge of ‘engines’ and ‘standards’ has proven to be a winning combination…”

About KTI Systems and the FilterBOSS Commander Series

Headquartered in Southwick Massachusetts USA, KTI Systems, Inc. ( or is a designer, developer and distributor of marine fuel management solutions and diesel fuel polishing systems such as the patented and trademarked FilterBOSS™ Commander Series with Racor dual filters. KTI FilterBOSS systems combine onboard diesel fuel filtration with integrated monitoring and alerts to deliver efficient and reliable marine fuel maintenance.