Globalization = Internationalization + Localization + Translation (GILT)


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Globalization (G11n)

Preparing web content for an international or multicultural marketplace. Globalization – abbreviated as G11n – covers anything that must be done differently in web development or design to optimize global success. Globalization activities include internationalization, localization and translation.

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Internationalization (I18n)

Creating web content that is locale-independent. All locale-dependent content must be separate from the core website template. Internationalization – abbreviated as I18n – refers to source and scripting changes made to assure that the website can be localized and presented in a familiar but consistent format.

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Localization (L10n)

Adapting web content for a particular region or culture. Localization – abbreviated as L10n – includes translation along with making adjustments to the cultural specifications of the target audience, including but not limited to number/time/date/currency formats as well as symbols and icons.

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Translation (T9n)

Interpreting source language content and restating it as target language content. Translation – abbreviated as T9n – must comprehend the meaning of the source content and communicate the same meaning – or as closely as possible thereto – in the target language.

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