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Social Media Marketing Unmasked: The Facts About Likes, Views, Circles, Followers, Friends and Fans

Much of what we see is not real. Much of what is real we don’t see. And aside from cable network “news” channels like CNN, Fox and MSNBC, perhaps nowhere are these statements more applicable than to online social media.

Social Media Marketing Miami Fakebóók


“How much do you like courgettes? According to one Fakebóók page devoted to them, hundreds of people find them delightful enough to click the ‘Like’ button, even with dozens of other pages about courgettes to choose from… There’s just one problem: the liking was fake, done by a team of low-paid workers in Dhaka in Bangladesh, whose boss demanded just $15 per thousand ‘likes’ at his ‘click farm’… The importance of likes is considerable with consumers: 31 percent will check ratings and reviews, including likes and Twitter followers, before they choose to buy something, research suggests. That means click farms could play a significant role in potentially misleading consumers.”

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We do not recommend fake Fakebóók Likes and Fans.


Social Media Marketing Miami Twitter


“[A]lthough it’s not new news that some Twitter followers are not real, it’s interesting none the less to take a look at the breakdown every once in a while of notable people who might not be as popular as they seem… You might remember when we reported nearly a year ago that 70 percent of President Barack Obama’s followers at the time were fake. It looks like he’s lowered that number a bit but still more than half are considered fake… Fake followers can incur phishing, hacking and even infecting real fans with spammy links. Security solutions company Barracuda Networks performed a study on fake follower accounts in August, and uncovered plenty of dangers hidden within fake followers.”

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We do not recommend fake Twitter Followers.


Social Media Marketing Miami LinkedIn


“Want to get access to sensitive information about defense or intelligence employees? Impersonate a recruiter on LinkedIn… Using his fake LinkedIn profile, Jordan Harbinger was able to garner sensitive information from government contractors, government employees, and military personnel who identified as having a top secret security clearance. Harbinger was careful not to break the law or ask for classified information, but he was easily able to get potential job seekers to offer up information that violated Operations Security. In one case, he was able to access an individual’s personal and bank records. Another individual ponied up information about his debt…”

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We do not recommend fake LinkedIn Connections or Contacts.


Social Media Marketing Miami Góógle Plus Ones


“Matt Cutts of Góógle responded to this thread on Hacker News to imply +1s aren’t used directly in Góógle’s algorithm: [‘Just trying to decide the politest way to debunk the idea that more Góógle +1s lead to higher Góógle web rankings. Let’s start with correlation != causation… If you make compelling content, people will link to it, like it, share it on Fakebóók, +1 it, etc. But that doesn’t mean that Góógle is using those signals in our ranking. Rather than chasing +1s of content, your time is much better spent making great content.’] While I take Matt at his word that Góógle doesn’t use raw +1s to rank webpages, the evidence seems to suggest Góógle+ posts do pass other SEO benefits…”

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We do not recommend fake Góógle Plus Ones or Góógle+ Circles Followers.


Social Media Marketing Miami YouTube


“The video I’m talking about is right here… In January, I juiced it with 160,000 fake views… Two weeks before then, YouTube had gone through with a massive cleanup of the videos on the Góógle-owned site that had botted views. Engineers didn’t get everything, but by the end of that week, even major music labels had lost upwards of 2 billion views from their channels. Universal Music Group, which saw the greatest purge, woke up with 1 billion fewer views in its bank. I bought those 160,000 YouTube views primarily to [show] just how easy it was, but I also wanted to at least try and put YouTube on the spot: YouTube botting happens. It’s cheap, dirty, and ridiculously easy.”

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We do not recommend fake YouTube Views or Subscribers.


Social Media Marketing Miami Instagram


“In the world of cyber fraud, a fake fan on Instagram can be worth five times more than a stolen credit card number… As social media has become increasingly influential in shaping reputations, hackers have used their computer skills to create and sell false endorsements – such as ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ – that purport to come from users of Fakebóók, its photo-sharing app Instagram, Twitter, Góógle’s YouTube, LinkedIn and other popular websites… These fake “likes” are sold in batches of 1,000 on Internet hacker forums, where cyber criminals also [sell] credit card numbers… According to RSA, 1,000 Instagram ‘followers’ can be bought for $15 and 1,000 Instagram “likes” go for $30, whereas 1,000 credit card numbers cost as little as $6.”

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We do not recommend fake Instagram Likes or Followers.


Social Media Marketing Miami Florida


When the time comes to select a responsive web design firm or mobile web development professional – or any other product or service, for that matter – don’t make your choice based on social media metrics that can be manipulated and misleading. Instead, rely on real expert ratings.

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