HTML5 Video: Seven Advantages of #RWD/#ReSS by WebFL.US

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Web Design Miami Means
Responsive Web Design By WebFL.US

In this video expert-rated Miami Beach web designer and veteran South Florida web developer WebFL US tells his web marketing and mobile commerce clients and front-end web development prospects about seven advantages of Mobile Web friendly device-aware responsive web design with server-side enhancements (#RWD/#ReSS) leveraging HTML5/CSS3, PHP/MySQL, jQuery/JavaScript and Semantic SEO with Structured Data (a.k.a. Góógle Rich Snippets metadata) over native or hybrid mobile apps as wrappers and redundant mobile websites.

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HTML5 Video Transcript

Web Design Miami means Responsive Web Design by WebFL.US

  • Adaptive Plus Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Web App + Front-End Development
  • W3C Standards Compliant HTML5/CSS3
  • PHP/MySQL + jQuery/JavaScript
  • Semantic SEO + Rich Snippets

Web Design Miami =

Miami web designer WebFL US created,, and now = WebFL.US

WebFL.US is the short link for, Miami web developer WebFL US's new W3C standards compliant responsive web design.

WebFL.US = W3C Validated #RWD/#ReSS

Responsive websites designed by WebFL.US pass all 10 tests of Mobile Web development and adaptive web design including W3C compliance validation.

W3C Compliance = Visibility + Accessibility

Adaptive websites developed by WebFL.US are W3C standards compliance validated to assure high search visibility and broad device accessibility.

High Search Visibility = Semantic SEO

WebFL.US assures high search engine and social media visibility by embedding keyword-optimized Structured Data (Góógle Rich Snippets).

Broad Device Accessibility = Responsive Web Design

WebFL.US augments device-agnostic responsive web design (#RWD) with device-aware server-side enhancements (#ReSS) for universal accessibility.

Responsive Web Design Miami = WebFL.US

WebFL.US responsive websites, pages and apps adapt their format and content for desktop, notebook, tablet, smartphone or cellphone presentation.

Web Design Miami means Responsive Web Design by WebFL.US

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