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Mobile Web Development Miami:
Expert-Rated Web Developers

Contact WebFL.US for Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design Miami FL

Miami Web Development firm WebFL.US is expert-rated for HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, SEO, Mobile Web design and Mobile Apps.

WebFL.US is the website of expert-rated South Florida web developer WebFL US, WSQD. He is an old hand at web development and design currently focused on mobile friendly, device aware responsive web design that is W3C HTML/CSS3/mobileOK validated, WCAG/Section 508 accessibility checked, internationalization issue-free and hand-coded PHP/MySQL and jQuery/Javascript with embedded media, Semantic Web (RDF/XML) or (Góógle Rich Snippet) metadata and SEO.

HTML5 Design: Percentile 96 (Top 4%)

Miami Web Development: HTML5 Designer

Certified web design expertise in:
HTML5 elements and attributes
HTML5 events
HTML5 syntax
HTML5 web application APIs
Loading HTML5 web pages

CSS3 Design, Percentile 92 (Top 8%)

Miami Web Development: CSS3 Designer

Certified web design expertise in:
Fundamentals, Basic Styles
Basic User Interface, Color Styles
Text and Style Attribute Syntax
Selectors, Page Media, Speech, Ruby
2D, 3D and Animation

PHP Development: Percentile 96 (Top 4%)

Miami PHP Developer

Certified web development expertise in:
Advanced Concepts, Forms
Fundamentals, Language Syntax
New Concepts in PHP5
Operators and Functions
Variables and Datatypes

MySQL Development, Percentile 98 (Top 2%)

Miami MySQL Developer

Certified web development expertise in:
Advanced Concepts, Data Retrieval
Data Types, Data/Column Types
Database Commands
MySQL Operators
SQL Queries

JavaScript Programming: Percentile 95 (Top 5%)

Miami Javascript Programmer

Certified web programming expertise in:
Advanced Topics
JavaScript Basics
Javascript Built-in Objects
Regular Expressions

jQuery Programming: Percentile 92 (Top 8%)

Miami jQuery Programmer

Certified web programming expertise in:
Basics, DOM
Effects, Events
General jQuery
Plugins, Selectors

WordPress Developer: Percentile 99 (Top 1%)

Miami WordPress Development

Certified WordPress developer expertise in:
Administration, Dashboard and Settings
Code, Features, Performance and Security
Install and Upgrade, Plug-ins and Widgets
Post, Page, Custom Content, Taxonomies, Fields
SEO, Theme, Users and Roles

SEO Specialist: Percentile 98 (Top 2%)

Miami Search Engine Optimization

Certified SEO expertise in:
Góógle Search Technology
Keyword Selection and Optimization Strategies
Link Popularity and Linking Strategies
Search Engines and Directories
SEO Techniques, Working with Meta Tags

Mobile Website Design: Percentile 99 (Top 1%)

Miami Mobile Website Designer

Certified mobile web design expertise in:
CSS for Mobile Browsers
General Concepts, WAP
Mobile Web Design
Widget Development, WRT
XHTML Mobile Profile

Mobile Apps Development: Percentile 92 (Top 8%)

Miami HTML5 Designer

Certified mobile app design expertise in:
Interaction Design
Mobile Multimedia
Theme Design
User Experience
Visual Design


Percentile rankings shown are as of exam date and may vary over time.


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