Mobile Web Design Miami: Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

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Mobile Web Design Miami:
Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

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Miami web design prospects often confuse mobile apps vs mobile websites. The focus of the former is functionality; that of the latter is convey information.

If your main website is a responsive web design then you should have no need for a separate mobile web design to convey the same information. If your website is not fully responsive then you need to let us re-engineer it so that it is. If for any reason those options are not available for you at present then you need a mobile website.

Mobile websites and Mobile Web apps are based on the same open web technologies but they are not the same thing:

  • The aim of a mobile website is usually to convey a message. The level of user interaction is relatively low and a multi-page architecture - with primarily static and semantically-optimized content allocated over multiple URLs - is in most cases the best development model.
  • The aim of a mobile app is usually to provide utility for the user. The level of interaction is relatively high and the single-page application or SPA architecture - with dynamic content updated via JavaScript/jQuery and XML/JSON - is in most cases the best delivery vehicle.

Mobile Website Design Miami All the rules of web design, web development, ecommerce, search and social media marketing that apply to "full" web pages apply to "mobile" web pages as well. Additional considerations are scale and standards:

  • Smartphone viewports are smaller than computer monitors and laptop screens, so content layout and video/imagery dimensions are constrained.
  • Smartphone and tablet processing and storage capacities can be less than those of their desktop and notebook counterparts, so load demands are more crucial.
  • Connection speed and bandwidth may also be reduced, so the size of the page and the number of server requests it generates are more important.
  • Mobile browsers tend to be less forgiving than conventional web browsers so W3C standards compliance is mandatory for a consistent user experience.

Mobile Website Design = Keep it Clean + Keep it Simple + Keep it Small


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